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Learn how you can use kits to organize and manage your assets.

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Hello, and welcome to GoCodes! This training will explain how to use the Kitting feature.

So, what are kits?

A kit is a group of assets that are stored together.

For example, you may load 20 different tools on your truck, where they will remain together for an extended period. That grouping of 20 tools, is an example of one kit.

In GoCodes, a kit is treated like an individual asset. A kit may be checked in and out for example. That means however, that the components of the kit may not be treated as individual assets and cannot individually be checked out or updated until you have removed them from the kit. Then they can be utilized as individual assets.

How do you create a kit?

In this example, you can see two assets – a vehicle and a circular saw. The vehicle becomes a kit when you request to add the circular saw asset to it. To do this,

1. Click on the ID of the Asset that you want added to a kit. In this case the Circular Saw.

2. Look for the three dots menu icon and click it. Then click on the ‘Add to Kit’ option.

3. Now search for the asset that you want to be the kit. In this case the ‘Vehicle’. Now, click on it.

4. Next click ‘Add to Kit’ to add the saw to the vehicle kit.

5. Anyone who views the circular saw can now read a message that shows it has been assigned to a kit. Here, the message reads ‘Part of DYWX-5XK8’ which indicates the saw is now a part of the vehicle kit.

6. If you click on this message, you can directly view the kit, which lists out all the items grouped in it.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature. Kits simply make it easy to organize and work with your assets as a group.

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