Working with Tasks

Learn how to add Tasks to your Assets, Assign and Manage Tasks for your Account.

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Hello, and welcome to GoCodes! This training will explain how to use the Task feature.

What are tasks? Tasks are actions you perform with an asset. For example, a compressor may be an asset in your account and ‘Changing the oil & filter’ would be an example of a task for that asset.

To Create a Task for an Asset

1. Login to your GoCodes account.

2. Click on the ID of the Asset that you want to work with. The Asset Detail screen will show you all the information that has been inputted for the asset.

3. Scroll down the screen until you see the word ‘Tasks.’ You’ll notice that beside the text ‘Tasks’ there is a plus sign + and the word ‘Add’.

4. Click Add and this will create a new, blank task. Then enter the task that is needed for the asset. We have provided ten fields, but you may only use one.

5. Click the button entitled ‘Create’ to create the new task. Once your task has been created, you can update the task information at any time.

To Update a Task

6. Click the three vertical dots you can see to the right of the task. You have the choice to update the Task Status, to Assign the task to a specific person, or to Edit, Copy or Delete the task.

My Tasks and All Tasks Tabs Views

A further feature we include at the top right of the screen is the My Tasks and All Tasks Tab views. The My Tasks view provides you with a summary of all the tasks that you have been assigned. The All Tasks view provides a list of all of the Tasks for your organization’s account.

1. Find the checklist icon at the top of the screen located towards the right side.

2. Click the icon to access the My Tasks and All Tasks tabs views.

We hope that you enjoy this new, handy Task feature.

~ The GoCodes Team

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