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Work with the Asset List on your Computer
Work with the Asset List on your Computer

Learn how to select the columns, drag columns into order, sort columns, add filters and download simple pdf and Excel reports.

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Hello and welcome to GoCodes!

Learn how you can work with the Asset List to view your asset information, your way.

Asset List Screen Columns

On the Asset List screen, you’ll see a selection of columns which display information about your asset.

Show or Hide Columns

You can choose which columns you want to show or hide. To show a column, simply check the Column Name on the dropdown menu, which can be found toward the top left of the screen.

Drag Columns

You can also drag columns so that they appear in the order you prefer. To drag a column, simply move your mouse over the Name of the column, press and hold your left mouse button and drag the column into the desired position.

Sort Columns Alphabetically

You can also sort a column alphabetically. To do this, just click on the column Name. If you want to sort from Z to A, just click the column Name for a second time.

Sort Columns via Data in the Column

To filter your assets via the data in a column, first choose the column that you want to filter. For example, might choose to work in the column called Asset Type.

Then click the filter icon which looks like a small funnel, which you can see in the column heading.

To filter the column in the way you want, enter the subject of your filter. For example, you could work in the column called Asset type and filter your assets by entering the subject, ‘Contains Ladder.’ Now you will only see asset types that are ladders.

Excel or PDF

You can export your Asset List information with any formatting and filters to an Excel or PDF document by clicking here.

Always Clear your Filter when you’ve Finished

Make sure that you clear the filter - by clicking ‘Clear’ – once you’ve completed your work, otherwise the column will continue to display this way.

It’s that easy!

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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