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Turn on Optional Features
Turn on Optional Features

Turn on features like inventory tracking, low quantity notifications, overdue asset notifications & scheduled service notifications.

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Hello, and welcome to GoCodes! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to enable optional features in your GoCodes’ account.

First, go to the top right of the screen, where you’ll see the person icon and your name. Click on your name, to display the dropdown menu.

Next, click on ‘Customization’ to view GoCodes’ ‘Customization’ screen. Towards the top right section of the screen, you'll notice 5 optional features which you can turn on. These include:

1) ‘Enable Inventory Quantity Tracking’ feature, which allows you to track consumable inventory using our scanner apps.

2) ‘Enable Low Inventory Quantity Notifications’ feature, which lets you send email notifications to your admin users when your inventory quantity for a specific item, goes below the minimum quantity you specify.

Both features are designed to work together for managing inventory items like consumables and stock.

3) ‘Enable Overdue Asset Notifications’ feature, which allows your admin user to receive an email notification, once an asset that has been checked out to a person with a return date, has not been returned on time.

4) ‘Scheduled Service Notifications’ feature tells GoCodes to send your Admin users notification emails when scheduled services are due. This is a particularly handy feature which ensures that planned services are not missed.

5) ‘Make your Asset Documentation URL Visible to any Person who Scans the GoCodes QR Barcode’ is a less commonly used feature.

That’s it! As you can see these features are easy to set up and enable you to customize GoCodes to best meet your organization’s needs.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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