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Log into GoCodes on your Computer
Log into GoCodes on your Computer

Detailed step-by-step instructions for how to log into your GoCodes account the first time.

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Step by step instructions with screenshots.

Hello and welcome to our GoCodes tutorial. Here, you will learn how to log into your new GoCodes account.

After navigating to the GoCodes homepage in the browser, you should:

1. Go to the right, where it says ‘Sign in’ and click the button. This will take you to a new screen.

2. Now enter the email address and password for your account. Please use the same email address and password that you requested in your onboarding process. If you are not sure what your password is, please click this link to reset. If you would prefer not to log in again for the next twenty four hours, please click the ‘Remember me’ box.

3. Click to 'Sign in.' You're now logged into your GoCodes account.

5. Once you’ve finished your task, you can – if you like - click this Menu in the top right corner., then scroll down and log out.

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