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How to Set up and Access Control Filters in an Enterprise Account
How to Set up and Access Control Filters in an Enterprise Account

You can set up GoCodes to limit Users' access to assets, based on asset location, group, status and more.

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Your GoCodes' Enterprise Account includes the option of setting up additional access controls over and above the User role levels that have been provided. To enable this feature, contact [email protected] and request that it is added.

You might use this option if you have multiple office locations for example, and you only want your employees to see and work with the assets that are at their specific location. At the same time, you still may want management or Admin Users to be able to see every asset at every location.

Access to assets can be set, using one of four asset attributes:

  • Group

  • Home Location

  • Status

  • Assigned to

To set up access to assets, using one of these four attributes:

1) Go into the Customization area of your account, select the Drop-Down menu option for the asset attribute of your choice.

(In this example, our Admin User chose 'Home Location' and would then enter in the various office locations.)

3) Add your Users to your GoCodes' account and assign them the desired role.

4) For each asset that is specific to a location, update the asset's location so it shows only for users with access to that location.

5) Go into User Admin and identify the user for whom you want to set up access control. Click the Shield button where it says 'No Filter' then enter the field and value required for the filter.

(In this example, 'Home Location' for the field and 'Location 1' for the filter. That's it. Now this user will only be able to see assets that have a 'Home Location' value of 'Location 1'.)

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