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            When does GoCodes send email notifications?

            GoCodes can send email and text message notification based on certain events. Here's a summary of the types of notifications sent:
            1. GoCodes QR Code label is scanned and information entered to send a message
              • Who: All Group Admin users will receive an email message at their primary email, alternate email addresses and text message number alerting them to a new message which can be viewed in the web software message section for all assets or the individual asset
              • Who: If the person who entered the message included their email address, they will receive a confirmation alert sent to the email address they provided
            2. When replying to a message
              • When clicking on 'Reply' for a message, you can type a message that will be sent back to the person who entered their email address when they scanned the label
            3. Scheduled service notifications
              1. When the service notification feature is enabled in Settings-Customization AND an asset has a future service date
              2. Who: All Group Admin users and their registered email addresses will receive the scheduled service alert in the early hours of the morning of the scheduled service date
            4. Overdue asset notifications
              1. When an asset is checked-out with a Return Date which become due before the asset is checked back in
              2. Who: All Group Admin users and their registered email address will receive the scheduled alert in the early hours of the morning
            5. Low inventory item quantity alerts
              1. When Inventory Tracking is enabled AND an 'asset' has a non-zero Quantity value AND a non-zero Minimum Quantity value AND the Quantity is less than the Minimum Quantity  
            Users can select whether they want to receive email alerts on their registered email addresses in the Settings-Customization menu
            You should ensure the 'gocodes.com' is white listed to ensure email messages do not end up in the spam folder. 

            Updated: 09 Nov 2018 03:07 AM
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