GoCodes Asset & Inventory Tracking

            What user roles do you support?

            Premium software includes support for multiple named users sharing access to your asset information, plus there are different role options so you can grant the level of access required by each person.

            Roles include:

            • Group Manager
            • Asset Manager
            • Asset Assignor
            • Read Only

            Group Managers are the system administrators who can perform all functions including modifying system setup features like custom data fields. Asset Managers can view and update all asset information. Asset Assignor's can view all asset information and check assets in and out by updating the assets' location and assignment information and lastly View Only users can view asset information, but cannot update any information. Our software also tracks asset changes and includes change reports so you can always look back and see who changed what and when.
            Updated: 28 Nov 2018 05:51 AM
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