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            Using Audit Mode to quickly confirm the location of assets

            Audit mode is a new feature available in the Android App that is designed to make it very fast and easy to update the location of one or more assets just by scanning the GoCodes QR code label.

            Use Case Example 1 (Ideal for dumpster / storage unit businesses that want to track location and delivery dates)

            As a Admin User, I want my end users (Asset Manager / Asset Assignor Roles) to have a very fast and easy way to scan GoCodes QR code labels and update the location information for assets they scan. This will be their primary mode of use and so they in most cases just scan assets as they are delivered or returned to our location. This is ideal for customers whose primary use of 

            Audit mode achieves this by putting the app into a new mode where it will continuously scan for GoCodes QR code labels and when one is scanned, automatically update the location and continue scanning. No user intervention is required. The updated location will be recorded in the system and visible in the map view and in the Change History log.

            Use Case Example 2 (Ideal for periodic asset and inventory audits)

            As a user I need a quick way to confirm the presence/location of a large number of assets in the fastest way possible. I want to be able to sequentially scan many assets and record that these scans occurred.

            Audit mode achieves this by putting the app in a new mode where it will continuously scan GoCodes QR codes and update the location and change log each time. No user intervention is required.

            Notes About Audit Mode

            • On starting the app, the user will be automatically logged in and the scanner will start until cancelled (one click start and scanning to save time)
            • On cancelling the scanning, the user will be returned to the main scanning screen, clicking scan restarts the process
            • Clicking on Audit Mode will take the user to the new setting where it can be turned on/off as needed
            • There is a new gear icon on the main screen where you can enable or disable Audit Mode.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2018 12:16 AM
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