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            csv / Excel downloaded reports do not open correctly

            When downloading Excel / CSV (Comma Separated Values) and opening Microsoft Excel it does not display correctly and the data is not formatted in the cells.

            Depending on your location in the the world, your computer will have 'Region' settings which define what character is used as a separator value. While comma ',' is the most common other are sometimes used outside North America and the UK.

            To resolve this issue on a Microsoft PC, do the following:

            Change the separator in all .csv text files

            1. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

            2. Open the Regional and Language Options dialog box.

            3. Do one of the following:

              • In Windows Vista, click the Formats tab, and then click Customize this format.

              • In Windows XP, click the Regional Options tab, and then click Customize.

            4. Type a new separator in the List separator box.

            5. Click OK twice.

            NOTE   After you change the list separator character for your computer, all programs use the new character as a list separator. You can change the character back to the default character by following the same procedure.

            Updated: 28 Mar 2018 02:22 AM
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