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GoCodes Real-Time Telematics Tracking
GoCodes Real-Time Telematics Tracking

Learn about our real-time GPS tracking solution powered by world class Telematics.

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Use our real-time GPS trackers to continuously monitor costly equipment like shipments, trailers, and heavy equipment and stop the loss!

How do our real-time trackers work? They:

  • Use available cell phone signal, or Wi-Fi to provide minute-by-minute GPS location updates that show exactly where your equipment is, even when it’s on the move.

  • Operate without needing you to scan or use another device.

  • Utilize 3 AA batteries which should be replaced every 3 years.

Loss Alerts!

Now you can:

  • Identify an area on the map where equipment will remain for a certain period, such as a project site.

  • Set up a geo-fence or boundary around that location that your equipment should not cross.

  • Receive an instant alert when your costly equipment crosses the geo-fence and leaves the location.

  • Inform law enforcement immediately you are alerted.

  • Track your missing equipment in real-time as long as there is a cell phone signal or Wi-Fi.

  • Provide law enforcement with your updated equipment location information for fast recovery.

Problem Solved

Our easy-to-use solution allows you to:

  • Track and manage all equipment from small hand tools to yellow iron.

  • Track highly valuable equipment that is prone to theft or loss such as equipment trailers for example.

  • Monitor high value equipment shipments, especially those that cross international borders or pass through regions that are unsafe.

  • Eliminate duplicate vendors and technology providers with our one-stop solution.

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