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Bluetooth Beacons

GoCodes is delighted to introduce our newest high-tech feature: our Bluetooth Beacons.

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What are Bluetooth Beacons?

A powerful, new tracking technology, Bluetooth Beacons are tiny, battery-powered sensors that users can attach to an asset or piece of equipment e.g., industrial equipment, heavy equipment, or a specialty tool.

The Bluetooth Beacon uses radio technology to broadcast information to nearby Bluetooth compatible devices like smartphones. The information broadcasted includes the:

  • Identity of the beacon/asset.

  • Distance of the beacon from the Smartphone.

  • Environmental information detected by the beacon, such as temperature and acceleration.

How GoCodes Customers Can Use the Bluetooth Beacon

Our Android Smartphone app automatically identifies all beacons within a range of up to 300 feet. The app receives the broadcasted information and displays the presence, as well as the distance, of the beacons/assets.

What’s the win?

  • Automatic discovery & scanning saves time and improves work accuracy by eliminating manual barcode scanning.

Our beacons enable the user to work with assets which are obscured from sight. For example, assets packed in boxes or other storage no longer need to be visible to be discovered. With the use of our beacons, an entire warehouse of assets can be instantly viewed and updated in our Smartphone app.

  • Our Mobile App zeros in on the Beacon.

Our Smartphone app will identify your Google Map location, as well as the estimated beacon location. With every step you take, our app will zero in on your asset/beacon, allowing for fast retrieval of your asset and saving you valuable time.

  • Use the GoCodes Guardian feature in the Mobile app to Keep Watch on Assets/Beacons!

Our beacons can be monitored using our new GoCodes Guardian feature, which you can find in the Smartphone app. Our ever-vigilant watchman will immediately notify you via text message alerts, if an asset/beacon is removed from within range of the GoCodes Guardian App.

Technical Specifications

Core Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) BLE 5.0

Range: up to 100M / 300ft

Sensors: Accelerometer (future use), Temperature (future use)

Dimensions: Circular 47 mm diameter x 15 mm height

Weight: 25g

Battery Type: CR 2477, replaceable

Battery Life: >4 years

Waterproof: Yes, IP65

Working Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Material: ABS/Silicone

Color: White

Over the Air Update (OTA): Yes

Button: 1 on/off

LED: 1

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