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Add an Asset to GoCodes
Add an Asset to GoCodes

Learn how to select a Blank Asset and update it to your new asset using your computer.

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Hello and welcome to GoCodes! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to enter your first asset into the GoCodes account.

1. Look for a blank asset on the Asset List screen.

2. Find the Asset ID (the text is blue) to the left of your screen and click on it. You're now viewing the asset detail for the blank asset you’ve selected. As you scroll down, you’ll notice that there's no information currently showing.

3. Navigate to the Edit info button and click it to see a pop-up screen showing all the data for the asset. You can start entering as little or much data as you like, and you can return to the information to modify it at any time.

4. Click the Save button once you’ve entered your information. That information is now displayed on the Asset Detail screen.

5. Add a photo by clicking update in the photo area to browse and upload a photo. Select a picture from your computer to upload it to your asset information.

You have now added your first asset. It’s that easy!

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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