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Customize Built-in Data Fields
Customize Built-in Data Fields

Learn how to hide, rename and set up drop down menu options for built in data fields.

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Hello, and welcome to GoCodes. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to customize your GoCodes built-in data fields. These are the data fields that are included with every new GoCodes account.

Get Started

1. First, navigate to the top right. Here you will see your ‘Name’ and the ‘Person icon.’ Please click on your ‘Name’ and you’ll open a drop-down menu.

2. Pick the option called ‘Customization’ and click on it. You’ll now see the ‘Customization’ screen for GoCodes.

3. Scroll down the ‘Customization’ screen and find the text - ‘Built-in fields.’ ‘Built-in fields’ are fields that every new GoCodes account includes. You have the option to customize them to fit your organization’s needs.

4. If you prefer not to use a ‘Built-in field,’ you can click the slider and turn that field off, to hide it from all screens. For example, you may decide that the Built-in field’s ‘Current Value’ is not appropriate for your business and so you choose to hide it by clicking the slider to the left.

5. You can also change the name of a ‘Built-in field’ to suit your needs by clicking the Gear icon and entering a new name. For example, you can change the name of the ‘Model’ data field to ‘Make & Model.’

6. When changes are made to the name of the ‘Built-in field’, synonyms or similar types of names should be used. That’s because the purpose of the field cannot be changed, as GoCodes links specific features to the fields.

7. You can also set up a ‘Built-in field’ that has a Gear icon, to have a drop-down menu list of option instead of free form text entry. Why set up a drop-down menu? These help when the data field has a set of options that can be predefined. In this example a drop-down menu of 3 choices has been added. You would list our your choices by their proper name.

As you can see it’s that easy!

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