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Data Upload Service for your New Account
Data Upload Service for your New Account

We Can Help You Import your Existing Asset Data into GoCodes Using an Excel Template!

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A Data Upload service is available to Premium, Premium Elite, Professional and Enterprise accounts when you sign up. The cost of this service is $150.00 and it can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your account set up and ready for use by your team.

If you have a record of your existing asset data in a spreadsheet, Google Sheets or similar, we can help you get it imported into your new GoCodes' account. You can upload as little, or as much of your data, as you like.

If you choose to add this service to your account, GoCodes will send you a customized Excel template with simple data validations built into it. Once you've pasted in your data and sent that information back to our team, we will complete a comprehensive Quality Assurance process of your data. Once this is complete, we will then upload the data. The upload typically takes between 1 or 2 business days.

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