GoCodes can provide an asset import service to new account. With this service we provide a customized Excel template and instructions for how to populate your data. When you send the completed template back to us, we conduct a QA review, work with you to correct any issues and then load the asset data into your account.

Since this is a paid service for customers, it's not available with free trial or free accounts.

This is a powerful service for new customers who have an asset spreadsheet or asset data from another system that they would liked imported into GoCodes. We do the heavy lifting of addressing data field mapping and validate data quality. In most cases the cost is $150.

Another way to speed up the data entry process is to use the 'Update All' feature in the web software or in our scanner apps. Just select a set or range of assets and click the 'Update All' option to view a list of all applicable data fields. Make any changes and they will be applied to all the assets you selected.

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