We have a few options to make it easy to enter and update multiple assets at once.

  • You can use the mobile app to scan and Update Add multiple assets.

  • You can use the mobile app Copy feature to copy the data from one asset to another by scanning the QR codes.

  • You can use the web software to select multiple assets from the Asset List and then apply updates to all of them in a single step.

This article will cover the last option.

  • First view the assets you with to update. Note you can use the search and filter options to further refine the list of assets you want to update.

  • Hold the Control Key 'CTRL' and use your mouse to select multiple assets. Note you can also use the Shift 'SHIFT' key to select a range.

  • Now you have selected multiple assets you will see two new buttons. Update Assets and Check Out. Pick the one that you need.

  • For updating multiple assets, you will be presented with a list of data fields to update. Any changes you enter will be applied at once to all assets. Fields that are left blank will not be changed.

  • That's it!

Want to watch a short video showing the steps:


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