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How to Update Multiple Assets or Make Multiple Copies of an Asset
How to Update Multiple Assets or Make Multiple Copies of an Asset

Our web software and mobile apps allow you to update multiple assets or copy assets.

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Update Multiple Assets Using the Mobile App

This is easy-to-do, simply:

  • Sign in on GoCodes’ mobile app.

  • Tap the ‘Multi’ button on the Scan or Search screen.

  • Tap ‘Scan Barcode.’

  • Now you can scan multiple barcodes.

  • Once you have finished scanning, you will see the Asset List screen showing the list of barcodes that you scanned.

  • On the bottom left tap ‘Update All.’

  • Now enter any information that you’d like to add to ALL of those assets.

  • On the top right, tap the Check Mark to save your changes.

Create Copies Using the Mobile App’s Copy Feature

The Copy feature allows you to copy the information that is linked to one barcode, to another barcode. This makes an exact copy. This is achieved by:

  • Sign in on the mobile app.

  • Tap ‘Scan barcode.’

  • On the Asset List, click the asset that you will copy.

  • On the bottom left of the View Asset screen, tap ‘Copy.’

  • You will now be prompted to scan the QR code label of the asset that you would like to copy the data into.

  • This process may be repeated as frequently as you like.

Update Multiple Assets Using the Web Software

You can also update multiple assets in the Web Software from your computer using these steps:

  • Sign in on the Web App.

  • View the Asset List.

  • Now hold down the CTRL key, while you use the mouse to click on multiple assets that you can see in your List.

  • Once you have selected your assets, you will notice that a button will appear called ‘Update All’ which you can click to make changes to all of the assets that you selected.

We hope this helps. If you have further questions, please contact [email protected] or connect with us through our online Chat.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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