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GoCodes Customer Success - Best Practices
GoCodes Customer Success - Best Practices

Get a quick overview of the most common recommendations for getting the most value and benefit from GoCodes.

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Web App

1. Use the Asset Type for the most common names for each item. If the list does not match your need well enough, simply select Other and enter your own value.

2. Hide unused fields.

3. Add drop down fields to any that have a set of known options that don’t change a lot.

4. Set the time zone to your local time zone.

5. Use existing fields where possible, even if your names are slightly difference. Only use a custom field when there is no existing choice.

6. If you check out to a fairly stable list of employees, make sure to add them as a drop down option for assignment.

7. On Asset List, select the fields you use the most and drag them into the best order for your organization.

8. If you search for an asset by an ID, you can simply use the first three characters to find the asset, most of the time.

9. Only 1-2 people should have an Admin status. Make sure to provide your employees the access they need.

9 If you use the public scan and message feature, you can add your phone number and get text alerts too.

Mobile App

1. Set up the options to show the asset image and summary fields in Settings.

2. Check the mobile app settings for Geo location are correct.

3. With the iPhone you can scan and send message by opening camera and then pointing it at the QR code.

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