GoCodes should normally respond to most requests in a few seconds. Many common transactions should take a second or less. This should be the experience for all mobile apps and the web browser app from anywhere in the world. The on caveat is your network connection is good.

If you are experiencing slow responses, these are the most common troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

  • Log out and back in again to make sure you login is current (logins expire after 24 hours for security)

  • Confirm you are using a supported web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer was retired by Microsoft in 2016 and does not work correctly. Some customers may still have this browsers installed on their computers

  • Shutdown the web browser and restart it

  • Clear the cache in your web browser for GoCodes

  • Open a private or incognito browser window and try the same steps. If it works fine this way then the issue is with local browser cache being out of date and should be cleared, that will resolve the issue

  • Perform a network speed test here https://www.speedtest.net/ you should see over 2-3 MB/s at a minimum for good performance.

  • Check the app version number (in About for mobile apps) or at the bottom left of the Asset List screen for web users and share this with GoCodes to confirm it's the latest.

If none of these work or you are still experiencing issues just send us a screenshot and the exact steps to recreate the issue and we will help you get it resolved. We normally need to know what device you are using, which asset(s) are you working with and what do you do to see this issue.

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