All GoCodes accounts provide the feature to enable users to print their own labels using a regular printer. While you can print on any material that your printer supports, we recommend using the Avery material as these may be poly based and more resilient. Note they are still a light duty label design for indoor use only.

The Avery label template is called 6570 or 6576 and can be purchased online or at many office supply stores. Here's the link to Amazon:

You can use your GoCodes web software to print all or a subset of your labels. To print all labels for your account, just login, clear any search and then click 'Print Labels' on the Asset List screen.

Note you can also print a subset of your labels by performing a search, in that case only the labels in the search results will be printed.

TIP: Use Adobe Acrobat to open and print your labels. Do not apply any scaling options to ensure the labels line up correctly with the template. Print one page first as a test.

PRO TIP: GoCodes can provide rugged custom labels to almost any specification including a range of materials, sizes and adhesives.

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