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How to Import Your Assets from GoCodes into Sage 50
How to Import Your Assets from GoCodes into Sage 50
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1) Importing Asset Data from GoCodes into Sage (Peachtree) 50 Asset Manager

Customers often ask how they can import or export their asset and inventory data between GoCodes and their Sage 50/100/500 accounting system.

Sage has a feature which enables you to import your asset information using a simple Microsoft Excel CSV spreadsheet. Since GoCodes enables you to easily export your asset data to an Excel CSV file, it's easy to export your asset data from GoCodes and then import it into Intuit Sage 50. You may need to make some simple formatting changes to the file, but that should be about it.

2) Importing your Asset Data from Sage 50/100/500 into GoCodes

If you already have your asset data in Sage Accounting, you can create an Excel CSV report, which can then be used to load your asset data into Sage when you establish your new account. This service is included free of charge when you subscribe for Premium+ service. We also provide technical support to help you map your data from Sage into GoCodes.

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