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Can I Use a USB Barcode Scanner with my GoCodes Software?
Can I Use a USB Barcode Scanner with my GoCodes Software?

Using a hand held scanner instead of our mobile app.

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Yes, you can! There are two reasons customers do this:

First, to scan in existing barcode serial number data. Second, to look up GoCodes' asset information on the computer using a handheld or wireless scanner.

1) Scanning existing serial number or barcode data to add to an asset.

Your GoCodes software works with any USB scanner that is compatible with your computer. Most people use PC or Apple MAC hardware and simply plug in a USB scanner. When you do this, you can use the scanner to scan serial number barcodes or actually scan your GoCodes QR Code in the browser URL bar to display the asset information. This option is popular with IT departments where team members must quickly scan and update a lot of assets, for example.

2) Using a USB scanner to look up assets on a computer.

Our solution works best using our mobile apps as scanners. Some customers prefer to dedicate a device like an iPad or Android tablet as a shared scanner. This is used by the team for scanning purposes, using our mobile app.

If you are considering using a dedicated scanner, please remember that:

• When you use a USB scanner plugged into a computer, it will scan the barcode data into the active field on the computer. To prepare for this, please open the app on your computer, log into your account and position the cursor in the search box on the Asset List View. You are now ready to go!

• When the barcode is scanned, the 8 character GoCodes ID will appear in the Search Box. The search will cause the matching asset to be shown on the screen. To view or update the information, just click on the Asset ID.

Please note: The scanner needs to be pre-programmed, to remove all but the last 8 characters from the GoCodes barcode. We can provide simple instructions for how to do this when using our recommended scanner below:

If you have any further questions about this, please email [email protected] or connect to us via the internet Chat.

Thank you for using GoCodes!

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