Sometimes you may need to swap the data from one asset to another.

For example, this can be especially helpful when you are getting started and have uploaded asset data. You have received your labels/tags and you now have the task of applying the correct label to the correct asset so they match correctly in your database.

For larger accounts, this can be challenging, especially if the equipment is spread out over multiple locations and many team members have the task to apply the labels. Normally the would need to identify the correct label for each asset. If you have thousands of assets it can be tough.

Now we have a solution. In effect you can apply any label to any asset and just swap the data so it matches.

The swap feature is initially available on Apple and Android devices and will soon be extended to the web software too.

Here's how to swap two asset's data using a mobile app.

  1. Open the mobile app and login

  2. Scan or search for the asset you want to swap FROM

  3. Click the asset to view the information and note the option at the bottom of screen called SWAP

  4. Click SWAP and scan the GoCodes QR code label for the asset you want to copy information to

  5. Your asset data is now swapped to/from the new GoCodes Asset ID

That's it! Easy.

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