Sometimes you may need to copy the data from one asset to another.

For example if a label is damaged and you want to replace it with a new label that has a different ID number, but you want to retain the existing asset data. In this case, you can use our copy feature to copy the asset data from the existing ID/label to a new one.

The copy feature is initially available on Apple and Android devices and will soon be extended to the web software too.

Here's how to copy an asset using a mobile app.

  1. Open the mobile app and login

  2. Scan or search for the asset you want to copy FROM

  3. Click the asset to view the information and note the option at the bottom of screen called COPY

  4. Click COPY and scan the GoCodes QR code label for the asset you want to copy information to.

  5. Your asset data is now copied to the new GoCodes Asset ID (Note you may want to update or deactivate the old one so you don't have a duplicate.

That's it! Easy.

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