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Sometimes you may want to copy the data from one asset to another! Our Copy feature allows you to do just that! You can find the Copy feature on our Apple and Android devices. This will soon be extended to the web software, too.

How to use the Copy feature to Copy Data from one Label to Another

If your label is damaged and you'd like to replace it with a new label that has a different ID while retaining the existing asset data, you can use our Copy feature. Simply:

  1. Open the Mobile App and log in.

  2. Scan or search for the asset whose data you would like to copy.

  3. Click the asset to view the information and note the option at the bottom of screen called 'Copy.'

  4. Click 'Copy' and scan the new GoCodes QR code label to copy the information into it.

  5. The asset data from the first label has now been copied to the new Label ID.

Please note that you may want to update or deactivate the original label.

Use the Copy feature to easily input information about the same type of asset into GoCodes.

If you have two assets that are the same, you can also use the Copy feature to easily copy the information from the first asset into the second asset. This saves time and increases efficiency as you get your assets labeled and their information inputted into GoCodes.

If you have other questions about this topic, please email [email protected] or use our online Chat.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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