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What Should I Print on my Asset Labels?
What Should I Print on my Asset Labels?
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Customers often ask for our advice regarding the type of information that should be printed on their labels. When you start the onboarding process, we provide you with a form that prompts you about your preferences. It's easy to use and allows you to custom design your label. It's worth thinking through your options beforehand. Here's our suggestions in a nutshell:

When thinking about your design, do consider the size of the label you are working with. For our standard label size of 2 x 1 inch, you should limit your design to include no more than 4 lines of text of about 18 characters. If you would like to include a logo, then you might use just two or three lines of text, especially if your logo clearly states the name of your organization.

Since you are tracking your assets, not only should you clearly identify the business owner of the assets, but it's worth adding the words "Private Property of." You may also prefer to include a phone number and website/email address. For example:

  • Private Property of

  • ABC Corporation

  • Tel: 800-123-1234


  • ABC Corporation

If you are looking to take advantage of GoCodes Secure Messaging feature, you may want to explicitly state 'Scan for Details' on the label. That way any use with a barcode scanner has the option to send a secure message to the administrator, along with optional contact information.

Lastly, some organizations are concerned about privacy and data security. If your labels will be applied to laptops, computers or other devices which contain sensitive data, please consider omitting all owner information. An email address should suffice.

If you have further questions on this topic, please email [email protected] or connect via our online Chat.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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