Here are the standard instructions for customers who purchase the Standard Asset tags in packs of 100 which require manual activation before they can be used.

1) (If needed) Download a QR code scanning app for your smartphone. We recommend our own GoCodes free QR code scanner which can be downloaded from our website

2) Go to the following webpage:

3) Enter the 8 character code from one of the tags and click submit

4) Select the link to ‘Sign up and Activate’ to create your account by entering your email address and password

5) Now your account has been created and your first tag is active! You can now enter additional information for this tag OR activate additional tags by scanning the tag with your smartphone QR code scanning app. You won’t have to login in again, it will remember!

6) GoCodes iPhone app users only: If you are using the GoCodes iPhone native app you downloaded from the iTunes app store then just start the app and click the scan button. Do not login on your iPhone.

Here are some suggestions based on your specific requirements:

1) If you have a lot of tags to activate and you want to do them at once, then activating them by scanning the QR code with your smartphone is the fastest way. Once you login, you won't be asked to login again, so you can just scan the tag, enter the Type info and then go onto the next. Then you can come back using your mobile device or phone and enter all the additional details you want to track.

2) If you prefer using a full-size keyboard, then once your account is created, you can login on your computer and select the main menu option to activate asset tags, then you can key the information in to activate and add detailed information as needed.

3) Another helpful approach is to activate them using one of the methods above (1 or 2), and then use the iPhone native app to search for or scan asset tags and then update multiple tags at the same time. For example, say you had 10 identical computers (other than serial number). You could label each one, scan the label to activate. Then when they are all active, you can scan all 10 labels at once using the multi-scanning feature and then you can update them all with their common information in one step. That will give you 10 assets with identical asset details other than the GoCodes ID.

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