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What Types of Labels Do you Supply?
What Types of Labels Do you Supply?

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GoCodes offers a wide range of custom-designed labels (with your logo, phone number, email address, or message for example) including specialized labels that accommodate advanced technical specifications spanning iron-on labels, industrial hang tags, high-temperature resistant labels and more.

Our Standard service includes print-your-own labels that are designed to be printed on an Avery 6576 label template using your office laser printer.

Our Premium and Professional level services includes 2 x 1 inch BS5609 5 Mil thick poly labels, which are water and chemical resistant and have a permanent adhesive backing.

Premium and higher accounts can also choose to upgrade to other label specifications, such as:

  • Premium Polyester (subsurface printed) 2 Mil label and 2 Mil permanent adhesive.

  • Anodized aluminum metal foil 3 Mil thick with permanent adhesive.

  • Anodized aluminum metal tags 8-63 Mil thick with permanent adhesive, holes or both.

You can view detailed specifications and test results here:

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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