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How Does the GPS Location Tracking of an Asset Work?
How Does the GPS Location Tracking of an Asset Work?
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We use the GPS location of the GPS enabled smartphone or mobile device as the location of an asset. There are two ways in which the GPS location will be updated.

The first occurs when the asset’s QR code is scanned using a Smartphone or mobile device and the asset information is updated. A record is created in the History of the asset, which shows the name of the person who updated the asset, the date and time of the update, as well as the location of the scan taken from the mobile device. The history will also log any other changes that were made.

The second time that the location is updated, is when a QR code tag is scanned using a QR code scanner. The person who scans the QR code tag, will proceed through the screens before clicking the ‘Submit’ button. In many cases, the person who has scanned the tag, will be prompted that their location is being requested.

For assets that are transported from one location to another, GPS tracking via the check in/out provides a highly effective tracking solution. It's easy to implement and provides asset location information, as needed.

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