We use the GPS location of the GPS enabled smartphone or mobile device as the location when we update the position of the asset.

There are two ways the GPS location gets updated, the first is anytime a person scans the QR code tag with a QR code scanner and proceeds through the screens and clicks the submit button. In many cases the user is prompted that their location is being requested, though this varies by smartphone. In this case a message will show us for the asset with any information provided.

The second instance is specific to the GoCodes app. This happens any time the asset QR code is scanned and the asset information is then updated in some way. In this case, the location is updated and a record is created in the History for the asset showing the user, date/time and new location as well as any other changes that were made.

This design provides a powerful and affordable tracking solution which costs a fraction of active tracking systems which can cost hundreds of dollars per asset. Most asset are not continuously on the move and are more commonly being transported from one location to another as they reside there for most of the time, in these cases GPS tracking when checking in/out is a effective and highly affordable alternative to active tracking.

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