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How Does the GPS Tracking Feature Work? Help Me Troubleshoot it!
How Does the GPS Tracking Feature Work? Help Me Troubleshoot it!
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There are two scenarios where the GPS information is captured and updated:

1.Using the iPhone / iPad / iPod iOS Devices with the GoCodes App installed:

Once you download and log in using the GoCodes app, you can then scan an asset tag and update it. The system will record the update and the GPS location. That updated location can then be displayed on the mobile app using the Map button, which is located at the bottom of the Asset Detail screen. This GPS information can only be viewed in the Apple APP Map View.

2. Using all other devices, or when you use the Apple App as a QR code scanner:

Start your QR code scanner (whether GoCodes or another scanner), and scan the QR code tag. Do not log in, but proceed to 'Send a message.' Filling in message details is optional.

Once you click to Submit, our system will collect the GPS information for the asset from your device. This information will be available to view online on your computer in the Messages area.

Please note: You may be prompted to allow your device to share your GPS information and you should select YES.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Check that your device settings are configured to allow your GPS location to be shared. This can be set to disabled.

If you have further questions about this topic, please email [email protected] or ask us via our online Chat.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!

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