You may want to share access to your GoCodes account with other people. You can do that by adding them as a user. In order to add users you need to be a 'Administrator' for your account.

When you add users, they are able to access GoCodes to perform tasks like checking in and out assets, updating assets or scanning inventory.

You add users by going into the 'User Admin' menu via the main menu on the top-right of the screen. There you will see how many users your account has, who your current users are and a link to add new users.

To add a user, just click the button 'Add New User' and enter their information. You will need to let them know the email address and password you used to create their account.

New users are created in the 'Asset Manager' role, you can update their role to one of the other roles if required. Asset Managers can view and update all assets in the system, but cannot configure the system.

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