We are delighted to unveil new features in both the iPhone and Android mobile apps. Now you can use GoCodes with existing bar code labels!

Our latest release provides the following enhancements that will allow you to:

  • Use the iPhone & Android apps to scan any common bar code

  • Enjoy performance improvements that allow you to quickly update multiple items at once

  • Receive enhanced warnings and notifications when working with multiple assets

  • View larger asset images

  • Benefit from additional usability enhancements

GoCodes Usage Guide

When working with other non-GoCodes barcodes the GoCodes Apps work as follows. The GoCodes app will scan the barcode and if it does not find a matching ID in the GoCode system, the app will perform a full database search and return any assets that contain data fields which match the text from the barcode. The app will then allow you to copy the barcode data and paste it into any asset (usually a blank asset).

For example, if you scan a barcode which contains the following asset number ‘1001’ the GoCodes app will see this is not a GoCodes barcode ID and will therefore search the database for any assets that contain the text ‘1001’. A list of matching assets will be shown on the results list page in the same manner as other assets.

To use this feature to check in/out and view/update your assets, you need to add the matching asset ID from your existing barcode (e.g. ‘1001’) to the corresponding GoCode ID asset in your database.

We recommend using the 'Other Asset ID' field that was created for this purpose. Note you may need to go into Settings-Customization to 'unhide' field so it can be seen.

Step by Step Guide

1 - Scan the barcode and click copy in the Android app or click share to copy for iPhone

2 - Search for an existing blank asset, usually the next blank asset available though this will work with any asset

3.- Paste the value into the 'Other Asset ID' field and save (You may need to go into Settings-Customization to show this field

4. - Now when you scan the barcode it will automatically show this asset's information

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