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How to use Other Barcode Labels with GoCodes
How to use Other Barcode Labels with GoCodes

You can use GoCodes with your existing barcode labels and ID numbers.

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GoCodes Usage Guide

The GoCodes mobile app will scan any barcode you choose. When a barcode is scanned, the GoCodes App with search for a match for the barcode data, in your GoCodes account. If there is a match, then that asset will be displayed.

What if you are not able to find a match for the barcode you scanned? Then you will see a pop-up showing you that there isn't a match. Instead, you will be able to Copy the scanned barcode data from your phone and add it to the 'Other Asset ID' data by pasting it into the data field in the Update Asset screen. This will then link your barcode data to the asset. The next time you scan your barcode, the linked asset will pop-up.

Note: If you don't see the field 'Other Asset ID' in your asset, then you may need to enable it in the Customization menu using your computer and Admin Login.

Step by Step Guide

1 - Scan the barcode and click 'Copy' in the Android App or click 'Share' to copy in the iPhone app.

2 - Search for an existing blank asset using the GoCodes Mobile App Search feature. Click on update icon to edit the asset data.

3.- Paste the barcode ID you copied in step 1 into the 'Other Asset ID' field and Save. You may need to go into the Customization menu to show the 'Other Asset ID' field in your account, since this data field is set to 'hidden' in new accounts.

4. - Now when you scan the barcode it will automatically show this asset's information.

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