'Asset Type' is a special field which is required for each asset and is displayed on the mobile apps when listing assets.

So it's important to use a a value that works as a good simple description of the asset.

We provide a list of the most common values for Asset Type but in many cases you may want to add your own value. You can do this as follows:

On the computer

1) Select and asset and click Update

2) For 'Asset Type' scroll to the bottom of the list of options and select 'Other Type'

3) Note a new 'Other Type' free form text field will appear where you can enter any value

On the mobile apps

1) Scan or search for an asset

2) Click on an asset from the summary list view

3) Click at the top right to update the asset

4) Enter a value for 'Other Type' as needed, it will override the current 'Asset Type'

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