Great, you're now ready to get started with GoCodes. You should have received a series of emails as your order was processed which provided instructions and tips for getting started, but to recap. Here's what we recommend new customers do. If you follow these instructions it will likely save you time in the long run.

1) To get started, login into your account by clicking the link at the top left corner of our website here and enter the email address you sent to us in your onboarding worksheet. This is the email address for the admin user and is the login which can be used to configure the software and add new users etc.

2) You have logged in! One of the first things you can do is go to Profile & Settings and add any other email addresses that you want to receive notifications. You can also add your mobile phone number if you with to receive text message alerts when your labels are scanned.

Next, decide which data fields you will be using and what data you will be entering into each of them. You can use as many or few as you need. It's important to be consistent in the usage as that will make it easier to look up assets later and produce effective reports. Learn about the data fields GoCodes supports.

If you need to some custom data fields, now is a great time to add them. You will find this option in the Profile & Settings area towards the bottom. We recommend you use our standard fields where possible. Even if the terminology is slightly different than what your used to.

Along with custom data fields, you can add custom pick-lists for the data fields we include and any that you add. These can be a great way to speed data entry and improve data quality for lists which don't change that often like office locations or employees. We also have a YouTube video which walks you though this.

3) View and Update your first asset

Now is great time to go to 'Your Assets' and select an asset so you can view and update the information associated with it. Try scanning the QR Code on the screen with your smartphone. If you need an app, note the link at the top of our main website to the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores where you can download the latest versions.

Note there are tabs that show the public information for an asset, the details, assignment information (check in/out), history (of updates), messages (from when scanned) as well as various update and navigation options.

4) Once your familiar with how to search, view and update assets, you can move on to adding any additional users. This is called 'User Administration' in the main menu. Here you can add a user and assign them to their role based on the tasks they will be performing.

5) Decide which data fields you want to see on the 'Your Assets' search page. To do this, go to 'Profile & Settings' scroll down and look for the option.

That's it, your now up and running and can start entering your asset information.

Thanks for choosing GoCodes!

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