Here's a quick summary of the steps we recommend to help you get implemented quickly.

When you need help with a specific task, we have written instructions with screen shots and short videos to help you. You can view them here.

Once you have tried the software and become familiar with it, you will find that's is very fast and easy to use.

  1. Sign in on the computer using the email address you provided when you did the onboarding.

  2. Download the mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play store, just search for GoCodes and look for the asset tracking app.

  3. Login on the mobile app using the same login details.

  4. Our system pre-generates blank assets that have the same ID as the labels in the same order.

  5. On the computer click on any asset and click update to see the list of data fields. You should decide which ones you want to use and which you can hide (in Settings-Customization). If there's any extra data fields, you can add them as well in Settings-Customization Click to learn more about GoCodes Data Fields and how to use them.

  6. Go into Settings-Customization and add any needed custom fields, drop down menu lists and then hide any fields you don't plan on using. You can always change this later if needed

  7. Hint: Drop-down menus can be setup for things like Employee Lists, Home Location etc.

  8. Now attach a couple of labels to a couple of units and scan them to view, update the information. You can see how this looks on the customer too and make any changes to your set-up.

  9. We recommend picking a short common name you use internally for each asset and entering it in the 'Type' or 'Other Type' data field as this shows up when you scan the item on the smartphone and should be a clear way to identify the asset.

  10. Play around with scanning, updating, checking in out out assets on the computer and smartphone until you are familiar with how it all works, once your have the setup right, then label and update the rest of your assets and share with the rest of the team

  11. On your computer, the '? Need Help Getting Started' button has step-by-step guides for the most common tasks and can really help!

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