There are a number of reasons you may be unable to login (sign in) to your account.

  • By far the most common reason is an incorrect user email/password combination (Over 98% of problems logging in are the result of not entering the correct user name and password, it's a simple mistake, we all do it :-) so please check again, remember extra spaces and upper and lower case matter, it has to be EXACT). If you are the first Admin User logging in for the first time, make sure you are using the same email you provided when you completed the GoCodes on boarding information. This is the email address that was used to setup you account and may be different to your regular email address. For example [email protected]

  • The login process works the same on computers and the GoCodes app and are always the same and stored in the same place in our database. In other words if the user ID and password work on the computer then the exact same user ID and password will work on the mobile app and visa versa. Sometimes it can help to copy/paste the user ID and password from a text file into the data fields and then do the same on the other device to make absolutely sure you are entering the same information.

  • If you cannot remember your email and password combination, you can request a password reset on your computer via the login screen or via the link on the mobile apps.

  • Do you use password manager software to help remember all your passwords? If so try disabling it or uninstalling it to see if the password stored is out of sync.

  • In some cases, if your account subscription payment is overdue your account may be placed on-hold. In this case your data is safe, and you will need to pay the outstanding invoice to reactivate your account. In these cases you will see a message that your account is suspended when you try to login on your computer. If you need assistance, email [email protected]

Note: The email address and password you use will work across all of the devices you use. So if you are able to login on any one device, you have the correct email/password combination.

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