If you're a Seed to Sale customer, you may want to customize your account setup specifically for this application. We have based these suggestions on the monthly reporting requirements for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) as of September 2019.

Go into the Customization menu and hide the unused data fields. We recommend hiding:

  • Other Asset ID
  • Serial Number
  • Model
  • Reward
  • Description
  • Date Purchased
  • Original Cost
  • Salvage Value
  • Asset Life
  • Warranty Terms
  • Quantity
  • Documentation

Then add the following Custom Fields:

  • Growth Stage (Options: Immature / Mature)
  • Dry Status (Drying / Dried)
  • Harvested (Y/N)
  • Final State (Flower Bud / Shake Trim / Waste)
  • Sold To: ( Processor / Dispensary / Researcher)

Lastly go into your Asset List view and select the Columns you wish to view and drag them into order as needed.

You will now be able to enter and manage your plants through through life cycle using our web-software and mobile apps while collecting the data you need for OMMA monthly reporting.

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